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Pastor's Message
June 2021

Dear Church Family,

June is a celebratory month for many reasons. Besides the fact that this month marks our transition from Spring to Summer; it is the month many young people celebrate their transitions from one school to the other (for those who are graduating from Elementary and Middle schools) or from High school to College. For those who are graduating from High School, it also marks their transition from childhood to adulthood and a life of independence.
This year, we celebrate yet another transition: from Covid-hibernation to a relatively freer social life without masks (although there are places where a mask might still be a safety net for us). We see the effect of this latter transition on roads that have become busy once again, at grocery stores where isles are crowded and lines are long, at parks where people gather for parties as never before.
Transitions can be a time of great potential for us if we take time to live purposefully. I am reminded of the early Christian community that made its transition from a ‘fear-filled’ groups of followers to a ‘spirit-filled’ band of disciples laying foundation of the Christian Church by their bold witness to the life and death of Jesus Christ.
The challenge in front of us is very similar to what the early church had in front of them. We too are torn by the violence perpetrated by a few people in our society. Whether violence is displayed as hatred for Asian people, black people, Jewish people or Muslims, it is violence against God’s people—those who are created by God and in God’s own image. We are called to speak of God’s love that Jesus modeled for us during this time. We are called to live God’s love that Jesus modeled for us during this time.
Covid may go away with a vaccine. What vaccine can we use against this unrelenting violence perpetrated by ignorance and hatred? Let us and pray that God grant us the power of the holy Spirit to live and speak love during this trying time.

Pastor Glory
Womens Retreat
March 2021

Thanksgiving Message
November 2020

This Thanksgiving is not like any other Thanksgiving we have ever had.
Many of us have to set aside the age old traditions of family gatherings and big meals that have defined Thanksgiving for as long as we could remember. This year, we are learning to say thank you to each other more creative ways, or maybe more meaningful ways than sharing a meal.
One of my favorite stories of Thanksgiving is a non-traditional one, but one that makes you want to dial that # to the one person who held your hand when you needed the most. (This story was published in Readers Digest few years ago, and republished last month).
Mrs. Klein told her first graders to draw a picture of something for which they were thankful, she thought how little these children, who lived in a deteriorating neighborhood, actually had something to be thankful for.
She knew that most of the class would draw pictures of turkeys or of bountifully laden Thanksgiving tables.
That was what they believed was expected of them.
What took Mrs. Klein aback was Douglass picture.
Douglas was so forlorn and likely to be found close in her shadow as they went outside for recess.
Douglass drawing was simply this:A hand, obviously, but whose hand? The class was captivated by his image.
I think it must be the hand of God that brings us food, said one student.
A farmer, said another, because they grow the turkeys.
It looks more like a policeman, and they protect us.
I think, said Lavinia, who was always so serious, that it is supposed to be all the hands that help us, but Douglas could only draw one of them.
Mrs. Klein had almost forgotten Douglas in her pleasure at finding the class so responsive.
When she had the others at work on another project, she bent over his desk and asked whose hand it was.
Douglas mumbled, Its yours, Teacher.
Then Mrs. Klein recalled that she had taken Douglas by the hand from time to time; she often did that with the children.
But that it should have meant so much to Douglas Perhaps, she reflected, this was her Thanksgiving, and everybodys Thanksgivingnot the material things given unto us, but the small ways that we give something to others.
For this Thanksgiving let us try to remember those who held our hands when we needed them the most.
Let us take a little time to say thank you.
October 2020


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