We believe we are blessed with God's grace and presence of the Holy Spirit.

We believe we are called to share the Good News of Christ's life, death and resurrection.

We believe in God's love for all creation.

We believe God calls us to social witness, reflecting the Gospel message through Outreach.

We believe that through Christ's example, we are called to forgive and reconcile with each other.
Oak Tree Presbyterian Church
445 Plainfield Road
Edison, N.J. 08820
Phone: (732) 549-4178
Fax: (732) 549-3406
Wheelchair accessible.
One level (No stairs)
Restrooms & Entrances
Oak Tree Presbyterian Church 2017
445 Plainfield Road   Edison, N.J. 08820
Phone: (732) 549-4178 / Fax: (732) 5493406
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